To limit the power of the motorcycle

To limit the motorcycle you like

If you are looking for a power limitation kit for your motorcycle model, you will need to find one and limit it.

Adding a limitation kit to your motorcycle is considered a major change. Therefore, once installed, you must go to one of our inspection stations to legalize it with the following documentation:

  • Workshop certificate
  • Statement of responsibility
  • Report of conformity and copy of the resolution of the Ministry of Industry in its case
  • Original technical file of the motorcycle
  • Permission to circulate

If you want to remove this limitation from your motorcycle later on, you will have to go again to an authorized workshop to have the kit uninstalled and to have it issued with a certificate. With this documentation, you should go to an inspection station again so that we can indicate the new reform on the inspection card.
Second hand motorcycle
If you decide to buy a second-hand motorcycle that is already limited, please make sure that the reform appears in the technical sheet. Otherwise, you should legalize the limitation of the motorcycle. If not, at the inspection station, the result will unfavorable.
Motorcycles approved according to Regulation (EU) 168/2013
Since January 2017, Regulation (EU) 168/2013, came into force (includes the Euro4 regulations for motorcycles).

Some of the motorcycles that are marketed under this regulation (from January 2017), leave the factory with double approval. This means that, in these cases, you will be able to request the limitation of your motorcycle without having to go through the inspection to legalize it.

Another option to avoid the paperwork of limiting the power of a motorcycle is to acquire a motorcycle with the appropriate power according to the type of license you have.