Other services

As well as the inspection that each vehicle is required to undergo, we provide other services that enhance road safety and protect the environment.

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Non-periodic inspections

Voluntary inspections
These inspections are similar to the obligatory periodic inspection, with the differences being that the price is 60% lower and that they have no legal standing. Simply, they entail an inspection that offers assurance – before, perhaps, a given journey or before purchase of a second-hand vehicle – of roadworthiness. 

Safety inspections These are inspections and cover the same areas as a periodic inspection, though they do not specify an expiry date (except in pre-registration processes). They are performed when modifications are registered. 

Inspections of accident-damaged vehicles These are performed in the case of a highways agency requiring a report regarding significant damage resulting from a traffic accident before returning the vehicle to the road. 

Modification inspections

Modification inspections: These are carried out with regard to any modification after vehicle registration. They may include the following:

·         Registration of a ball hitch 
·         Registration of motorcycle power 

Inspection certificate or amendment service 

Pre-registration amendment
: this entails processing the services to issue certification. It’s normally a procedure that applies to imported vehicles. 

Import of vehicles 

Vehicle-use changes: This involves variations related to use such as transfer of a vehicle from public service to private service use.

Copy of certain vehicle documentation: If certain vehicle documentation (issued in Spain) is lost or stolen, a replacement can be provided.

Special inspections

Inspection required by the authorities: Inspection requested by the vehicle owner due to requirement by the respective authority.
Partial inspections: Inspection of a part of the vehicle requested by a vehicle owner to obtain certification that the vehicle complies with the regulations applicable.

Vehicle weighing: Provision of certification of vehicle unladen weight.

Taximeter inspection: Inspection of taximeters in line with the respective vehicle and licence, and fares charged to passengers.

Inspection of school-transport vehicles: Inspection of vehicles used for transport of school-age children.