Frequently asked questions about a periodic vehicle inspection

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Why is it mandatory for a vehicle to have an inspection?

A periodic technical inspection is required by Spanish law. It provides evidence that a vehicle is roadworthy, that it is does not pose a danger to its users or third parties, and that it complies with environment legislation.

Can my vehicle undergo an inspection an appointment?

Appointments help to organise the workload at the inspection centre and to offer a good service with minimum waiting time. If you arrive at a centre without an appointment, although we will try to accommodate you, you may have to wait. If the volume of work does not allow us to attend to you, we will provide you with the option of arranging an appointment for another day.

What should I do when I arrive at the centre?

Once your vehicle is parked, you should go to the office with the vehicle documentation and your driving licence and tell our staff which inspection you would like.

How do I know when my vehicle's inspection certificate expires?

The frequency with which a vehicle is required to be inspected can vary. It depends on the type of vehicle and its age, taking into account the date of the first registration that you will find in the vehicle log book or equivalent.

If the vehicle has already undergone a periodic technical inspection, you can check the expiry date as follows:
  • The information on sticker on the vehicle windscreen will tell you the month and year it must pass the next inspection.
  • The vehicle log book or the report from the last inspection will allow you to determine the next such inspection. 

Can a vehicle pass an inspection before the expiry date shown?

Yes, it can. In addition, if it passes the inspection in advance and this time is fewer than 30 days before its expiry date, the date scheduled for the next inspection will not be changed. In other words, if it expires on 29 July 2021 and a vehicle passes on 1 July 2021, the deadline for the next inspection will remain 29 July 2022.

What will happen if I submit the vehicle for MOT after the last inspection has expired?

The inspection centres do fine owners for submitting a vehicle after the deadline. However, if the vehicle is used on public roads without an inspection certificate the owner can receive a fine.

I have received a reminder that the inspection certificate has expired but I no longer own the vehicle.

If you have received a reminder to submit a vehicle for inspection and are no longer the owner, either because it has been scrapped or sold, you should ignore the notification and take no further action.

Our database is automatically updated on the latest inspections carried out and only sends out a single appointment when it detects that the inspection is about to expire. If a vehicle does not pass an inspection again, the owner will not receive any further notification. Given that the notification is issued by the company and not by the respective highways agency, it is not legally binding.

What are the opening hours at the centre?

Please check our centre network to see the opening hours.

What checks will be made on the vehicle?

Once the vehicle has been identified, more than 100 points on the vehicle related to roadworthiness and environmental protection are checked.

What happens after the inspection is completed?

Once the inspection is completed, a corresponding inspection report will be issued. The result of the inspection will be one of the following: 

  • Pass: No faults have been detected or, should there be any, they are minor. The faults must be corrected within two months. The inspection is valid until the date of the report.
  • Fail: Faults found are serious. The vehicle may not be driven except to a workshop. The faults should be addressed and the vehicle submitted for inspection again.
  • Fail due to modifications made: Some modification/s has/have been made to the vehicle that alter/s its technical characteristics. The modification should be registered or made legal.
  • Fail and withdrawal of vehicle: As the faults are deemed serious, the vehicle is unsuitable for circulation. The vehicle will be transported to a workshop.

Can I change the tyres on my car?

Yes, as long as they are approved and their dimensions, characteristics and configuration are those shown in the log book or equivalent.

Please see the link related to the equivalence of the tyres.

What do I have to do if I have lost the inspection card?

You should request a duplicate by providing the following documentation: ID card (or equivalent) and driving licence (or provisional license) recognised by the traffic authority.

For more information, please see How to request a duplicate of inspection documentation.