Tire Equivalence

The "Manual of Reforms in Vehicles" published by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce considers a tire to be equivalent to another when:
  • The load capacity index is equal or higher
  • The speed category code is equal or higher
  • The profile of the mounting rim corresponds to the tire
  • The outer diameter is the same, with a tolerance of ± 3%.

TÜV Rheinland offers this tire calculator to determine the difference in diameter of two tires and if it is within the mentioned tolerance of ± 3%.


This utility only gives the equivalence of the tires in terms of their outer diameter. All other parameters can be checked with the tire and possibly the rim inscription.

The utility only applies to road vehicles of category M (cars and vehicles intended for the transport of persons not exceeding 5 tonnes), N (vehicles intended for the transport of goods) and O (trailers).

Mopeds, motorcycles, tricycles, light quadricycles, agricultural vehicles, construction and service vehicles and special vehicles are excluded.