To make a duplicate of the technical sheet

To make a duplicate of the technical sheet, you can go to any of our inspections stations without an appointment. Although this is not mandatory, we recommend you to go with the vehicle you are requesting a duplicate card in order to check the chassis number.  You will also need to present the driving license or the provisional permission issued by the Provincial Traffic Headquarters.

Furthermore, if you are not the owner of the vehicle, you must provide, in addition to your own identity card, the owner's identity card and an authorisation in which the owner expressly delegates this procedure to you. 

Please take into account that if the vehicle's inspection is in force, it will not be necessary to carry out the inspection again.

The new technical data sheets, which are in white colour, normally have the NIVE code. If your inspection is in force, you must go to National Department of Traffic (DGT) to have the duplicate done.