To register a foreign vehicle

Firstly, you should go to an inspection center. The documentation required will depend on each case, whether it is a new vehicle or one that is already registered and whether the vehicle's country of origin is in the Euopean Union or not.

Secondly, you should deliver the following documentation:
  • The registration certificate or equivalent document from the country of origin.
  • The original of the technical card, also called the vehicle's technical inspection card, or equivalent document from the country of origin.
  • If the vehicle has an EC type-approval, the reduced vehicle data sheet or the EC certificate of conformity (CoC) is required, which certifies that the car meets the quality and environmental standards required by the European Union.

Before you go to any of our stations and in order to know the procedure and documentation, please contact or call us: website

Once you pay the corresponding tariff, you can go to the inspection center (under a previous appointment). When the inspection is completed, the station will prepare a technical document for the vehicle so that it can be registered in Spain.

The next step is to pay the corresponding taxes. We recommend you to go to the Tax Office and ask for model 576 at the Tax Office. If the car is new, at the same Tax Office, take the opportunity to present model 300 or 309 to prove payment of VAT. If it is a second-hand car and you have bought it from a private individual, you will have to pay Transfer Tax instead; if you bought it from a company, you should also present the invoice clearly showing its intracommunity VAT number.

Please, do not forget to pay the Road Tax at the Town Hall where you are registered.

Subsequently, you can go to the Provincial Headquarters of the National Department of Traffic (DGT) with all the documents (vehicle documentation, the inspectoin card and proof of payment of taxes). Before going to the DGT, please do not forget to print out the official application form for the registration of the vehicle, which you will have to pay there.

Finally, all you should do is to buy the car plates for the registration at a spare parts shop and have an insurance policy.